How does East Midlands Chamber Training eLearning Work?

The 4 Easy Steps on how to use our courses

Everyone has a basic need for training in the workplace, and employers have a legal responsibility to provide it too.

Learning important new skills and proving these skills is one of the easiest first-steps you should take to keep everyone compliant, safe and healthy at work.

02. Enroll - Place an Order 🎓

This step is the same whether you're just ordering a free course, courses for yourself or even buying training for lots of people.

Tap the "Add to Shopping Cart" button on the course you'd like, and then complete the order by continuing to the checkout.

P.S. All the course lessons, training quizzes or tests, course retakes, Certificate of Completion, CPD records and all the support you need is included as standard without extra charges and without complicated recurring payments or contracts. Just order one or more courses for each person once and that’s it, nice and simple.

03. Check your Email 📬

We send you an email with everything you need. Just login with the login link on the email and follow the simple on-screen instructions to get going.

04. Get Going!
Start Learning 🚀

Start working through all the lessons in the courses assigned to you. Answering any questions or quizzes as you go along.

You have all the time you need and can drop-in and out when it suits you.Your progress is always saved live so no losing your place, and when you complete each course successfully, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion to show your success.

Don’t worry if you don’t pass a lesson on the first go. You can retake any failed lessons as often as you need, without extra cost or penalty. After all, you're here to learn.

or, Sit-back while your Team Learns 📈

Start adding your trainees, these could be your staff, employees or team members and assign them the courses you previously ordered.

We take it from there - they’ll then receive their login email and instructions. We support trainees with technical and login help, get everyone up to speed, and help them through the courses.

You can check on live progress reports with graphs, or just receive trainee completion emails when they're done, it's your choice.

Completion & Certificate! 🎉

When all lessons in a course are successfully completed, you’ll receive a verifiable and recognised Certificate of Completion - along with all training compliance records which are always accessible.

Display your Awarded Certificate online, such as in the Certificates section of your Linkedin profile, display them on your office wall or present at job interviews or contract pitches etc.

At any point, anyone can verify you have a valid Certificate of Completion by contacting us with a copy and your Unique Certification ID number or UCID code.

What's Next?

Start by browsing through our courses or contact us if you'd like some help or have any questions.

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