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Statement of Competence

Written by East Midlands Chamber Training

TL;DR - Summary

We specialise in teaching people, assessments, and helping them to retain the information, with an easy delivery, while ensuring that our courses are accurate and maintained under current health and safety & industry legislation and practices, our content is developed by a team of qualified professionals, consultants, authors and developers. Reviewed & accepted by industries for more than ten years. 

Our teams' relevant qualifications range from NEBOSH, NGC, NEBOSH (Construction), NEBOSH Diploma to CMIOSH; in addition to RMN, DipPT, PTLLS, BSc (Hons) HSC, and First Aid Trainer & Assessor, Safeguarding & MCA Trainer, NVQ L3 Assessing Candidates Performance, NVQ L3 Learning & Development. Some of those involved with the development process are former leaders of the IIRSM & IOSH Branch Executive Committees and lead national campaigns for SGUK and the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), among others.

Why you should be concerned about Health and Safety Competence? 

One of the key elements to be considered during the selection of a health and safety online training provider must be an Assessment of Competence as part of a Control of Contractors quality assurance process.

Training must be suitable for the task and be provided from a competent source. Competence is defined as; the 'knowledge, training, qualifications, experience and other such qualities'.

A successful training experience is absolutely dependent on these key principles, competence of the provider, quality, considered content and the delivery process or delivery mechanism.

Our business has always been safety, and as so, our safety management inspired quality guarantee stands to this day - all potential issues are regularly inspected and audited and solved with fit-for-purpose action plans. If there is ever an issue identified with our content or training delivery LMS, our dedicated developers and course development authors solve the problem prioritised on a risk severity scale.

Our motto has always been 'Easier for You, Safer for Them' as we focus on helping businesses and organisations simply and affordably identify and fulfil their health, safety and industry requirements, while perhaps more importantly, focusing on the trainee's health, safety and experience.

East Midlands Chamber Training as a Provider

We have specialised in online training delivery and health and safety for more than ten years, we were one of the first dedicated providers on the scene, and have since focused heavily on a culture of continuous development, improvement and continued professional development of our learning management system, course delivery mechanisms and authors.

Professionally Authored Lessons and Courses

Our core team originated as health & safety professionals; consultancy, audits, inspections and classroom-style training. We're directly experienced across many industries with real world implementations of safety and health.

Developing on our strong health and safety core, we assess and audit our course content frequently - continuously adapting to better learning methods and changes in approved codes of practices, laws and general industry standards.

We consult with industry leaders and our customers themselves about their needs and requirements and liaise with expert vetted authors for more specialised content.

Training Delivery & Effective Retention

Excellent practices and specialised subject matter do not get far without an equally considered delivery method - this is where our long-standing learning management system comes into play.

Classroom environment style training relies almost solely on one tutor to; engage, deliver and assess who may need additional help - and so some candidates can fall through the cracks.

Our platform is, somewhat uniquely, developed entirely in-house - this gives us granular control over every aspect of the learning management system. (and there has been a lot of fine-honing over the years!)

Unlike a classroom environment, we treat each candidate as a one-on-one experience, keeping the systems and software out-of-the-way to encourage and engage the candidate more directly. Each candidate can learn at their own pace, in their own environment, which is a huge retention advantage with important subjects, helping to maximise their understanding and retention.

We can evaluate our trainees (learning verification) depending on the scope of the content, with multiple methods ranging from passive safeguards like reporting, activity logs, timestamps, authentication and direct assurances like question & answers and fully assessed candidate-written workbooks.

Over the years our Course Development team has developed a particular delivery style to maximise the balance between sometimes complex author subjects and audience retention styles within businesses and organisational learning environments.


We listen closely to feedback (in-fact we ask every single trainee, member of staff and customer for their input) and we are here to work with your training needs and requirements. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask our friendly Support Team for assistance.

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